Tuesday, November 24, 2009

misc update + print!

just been constantly designing stuff these days. sent some stuff to Woot and they weren't interested. it's just the jealousy inside me speaking but some of the stuff they decide to print is pretty whack and doesn't sell well. i'm sure at least one of my designs would do well. anyways, tenacity's the name of the game and i got it in spades. if anything, it's more practice and i can always shop my rejected designs to other sites. speaking of which... i finally got a print! it's from poligraphic (thanks!). it's not up for sale yet but i'll be sure to post it up once it is.

2 recent designs that i submitted to woot. still waiting on a response. (hopefully a yes!)

just noticed they're both yellow.

1 comment:

  1. the mango shirt is awesome and i would most certainly buy it. out of curiosity, do you submit designs to threadless?